On Deck for Today:

Dr. Carson Slips Up?
A few days ago Dr. Ben Carson admitted that he endorsed Donald Trump at least in part because he was promised a role in a Trump Presidency. Dr. Carson refused to elaborate on what exactly was promised in return for his endorsement…which is a good thing for Carson, since accepting an offer of a position in exchange for an endorsement is illegal. Here is the law:


Barger is Liberal?
On Wednesday, President Obama nominated Merrick B. Garland to be the nation’s 113th Supreme Court justice. Garland is described by many as a consensus building centrist. The nomination was, of course, immediately scuttled by the Senate Majority Republicans.

But Garland was a good nomination, he was a defender of personal liberty, ruling against the illegal detention an untried captive in Gitmo and even stood up against the CIA in defense of personal liberty. On top of that he has an impeccable legal record. True, I would rather see an originalist appointed to the bench, but a nominee with a track record of standing against Government overreach and for the rights of individuals sounds pretty good to me as well.