Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump will be visiting our neck of the woods on Tuesday, for the first time since holding rallies in late April.

Trump’s speech, entitled “Declaring American Economic Independence,” will be held south of Pittsburgh in Monessen, PA at Alumisource, a company specializing in producing raw materials, material processing and blending solutions for the aluminum and steel industries.

Trump’s presidential campaign has focused on the decline of American manufacturing, so what better place is there to hold an economic resurgence speech than at an industrial plant in the heart of blue-collar Pennsylvania?

The speech is also slated to discuss the negative impacts of globalism, one subject that presumptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton says is hypocritical. “Trump’s own products are made in a lot of countries that aren’t named America,” Clinton said. “I’d love for him to explain how all of that fits with his talk about ‘America First.’”

Though most of the Trump campaign’s branded clothing is manufactured in both Mexico and China, Trump says that “The U.S. is in decline because we switched from a policy of Americanism … to a policy of globalism,” and that “This is a wave of globalism that wipes out our middle class and our jobs along with it.”

Tuesdays marks the first campaign appearance for Trump since his trip to Scotland where he unveiled his latest investment, a fully remodeled golf course.

The speech will begin at Alumisource in Monessen at 2:30 pm.