Former President Bill Clinton was in our area this weekend to stump for his wife Hillary. The former President spoke in Duncansville at the AFSCME building for about 40 minutes, covering topics such as the cost of a college education, Hillary’s plans to create jobs, ensuring all parts of the country have access to high speed internet, and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

“We’ve gotta re-dignify skills training in this country for people who don’t need a 4-year degree to get a good job. Monday morning, we could fill more than a million jobs and pay well above the national average wage if we just had adequate skills training in the places where the jobs are now available,” said Bill.

Mr. Clinton also added that his wife Hillary wants to invest more money to support union training programs, give employers incentives to support them, make community college tuition-free, and 4-year colleges tuition-free to anyone whose parents combined make less than $125,000 annually.