After the death of 7th grader Wyatt Lansberry just last weekend, the issue of bullying will likely come up at tonight’s Altoona Area School District school board meeting.

Brittnee Trexler, a former student of Altoona Area High School, says she’s been a victim herself. “I finally went to a teacher and they told me to just brush it off or ignore it. It got worse and I got to the point where I tried to end my life and then my mom stepped in,” she said. Trexler said that having her mother step in didn’t help. “When [my mother] went to the school about it, they said first, ‘it’s a big school. There’s nothing [we] can do about it,’ then they also said they do not have a bullying problem.”

Brittnee and her mother Anne Trexler are organizing the “Rally Against Bullying” event tonight at AAHS before, during, and after tonight’s school board meeting. The peaceful protest plans to bring attention to Altoona’s growing bullying problem. You can find more information HERE at the event’s official Facebook page.

That school board meeting tonight will be held inside the AAHS auditorium at 6:30pm. Among the issues up for discussion this evening is the proposed general fund budget that would increase district taxes by five mills. It’s expected to come up for a vote. The meeting is open to public comment, with each limited to five minutes.

Source: Local News