Canadian Pacific Railway, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta has announced that it plans to complete its proposed merger, even without cooperation from Norfolk Southern.

This proposed merger has been in place since November when Canadian Pacific initially made an offer of $28 billion.

CP Rail, operated since 1881, owns over 14,000 miles of railroad stretching throughout Canada and into the United States. You can find railroad owned by CP Rail in U.S. cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and New York City.

However, it was not good news when they announced they had plans to extend their coverage into Blair County.

U.S. railways are not exactly as busy as they once were, but still over one thousand locals of Altoona and surrounding areas are employed at Norfolk Southern. This acquisition could see all of these jobs lost.

Considering the critical economic ramifications, many Blair County local leaders have contacted the U.S. Surface Transportation Board in hopes of scrutinizing the transaction.