More than 500 cases of Pennsylvania offenders sentenced to life wtihout parole for crimes committed as juveniles are now cases being revisited because of a pair of Supreme Court rulings. Pennsylvania lead the nation in those serving mandatory no-release sentences for crimes committed as minors. After the Supreme Court barred such sentences for juveniles in 2012, Pennsylvania officials argued that didnt apply to those already in prison. Then last year, the nation’s hightest court said the band must be applied retroactively, triggering new sentencing hearings and parole for inmates across the country. Of the over 100 inmates in the state, so far 58 have been released while five have been denied parole. The inmates now in their 50s and 60s are being prepared for a return to s world very differenet from the one they left behind. John Wetzel, the secretary of corrections says “one of the things that akes it a mmore challenging group is they came in as children.”

Source: Local News