Alex Stone/ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — Thousands of protesters around the U.S. are expected to demonstrate Monday in recognition of May Day, the first day of May also known as International Workers Day, which has for more than a century been an occasion for political action by labor unions and other progressive organizations.

This year’s demonstrations — planned in major cities from New York to Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as well as in smaller communities like Scranton, Pennsylvania — are to focus on other issues in addition to labor, including women’s and immigrants’ rights. The protests are expected to focus on President Trump.

In contrast to May Day, the president proclaimed May 1 as Loyalty Day.

Trump’s proclamation, which was issued on Friday, followed similar proclamations by past presidents including Barack Obama, placing an emphasis on America’s “loyalty to individual liberties, to limited government, and the inherent dignity of every human being.”

Democratic Socialists of America, a leftist organizing group that has seen a surge in popularity following the election of Trump, is among the groups organizing protests on May Day in multiple cities, including New York City, where the group is linking up with an immigrant rights’ organization in Union Square.

A post on the group’s website called May Day “as American as cherry pie,” and noted its roots in U.S.’s battle for labor rights.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected in Los Angeles alone, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles boasts a large Hispanic population and civil rights groups like the League of Latin American Citizens were out early this morning in a demonstration aimed at drawing attention to Trump’s controversial immigration policies.

One of several planned marches in Seattle includes an anti-war march lead by veterans, according to The Seattle Times.

Organizers of the Day Without a Woman protests in March have also synced up their organizing efforts to coincide with May Day.

In Scranton, Industrial Workers of the World, a labor organization, announced a march through the city’s downtown.

“Each year, millions of workers around the world celebrate May Day as the real labor day,” the post said.

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Source: National News