A festival in one part of Pennsylvania focused on marijuana has been told it can’t adopt a highway like other organizations.

PennDOT told the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival that because marijuana is illegal for recreational use in Pennsylvania, the group can’t adopt a highway just off Interstate 81 in Susquehanna County. Some volunteer representatives of the organization recently picked up litter along part of Route 106. They then applied with PennDOT to adopt the highway.

Although they say PennDOT gave them all their supplies as well, as the specific stretch of the highway to concentrate on, they never were told their permit was denied until AFTER they did all the work. PennDOT says the decision had to be made because the group represents non-medical marijuana and therefore supports an illegal activity.

While marijuana is legal here in Pennsylvania for medicinal purposes, it’s still illegal to use it for recreation. Now, the group says, they plan to take the fight to Harrisburg and to the Governor’s office if necessary.

Source: Local News