The Logan Township police force are now equipped with brand new body cams, a move that Police Chief Timothy Mercer says is a step towards the department’s ultimate goal.

Starting Monday, March 20th, the Logan Township Police force will now be fully utilizing WatchGuard Vista Body Worn camera technology, according to a press release from Police Chief Timothy Mercer.¬†“We are extremely grateful to the Logan Township Board of Supervisors for their vision in providing the means for our Department to acquire this important technology,” said Mercer. The police chief went on to say that the new body cams will allow for a “higher level of service” to the people of Logan Township and the technology will enable the force to¬†improve evidence collection, documentation of events, and the ability of officers to prepare reports and presentations for court testimony.

The cameras will also aid in the training of new officers. Logan Township Police Department becomes one of the first departments in central Pennsylvania to fully utilize the new industry standard. In 2016, the officers installed in-car cameras to all patrol vehicles. “Our goal of being able to document interactions with individuals from the initial point of contact with the officer until completion of the incident has been fully realized,” said Chief Mercer.

Source: Local News