WPVI-TV(MT. LAUREL, N.J.) — After multiple accounts of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones exploding, a report about an iPhone allegedly catching fire could cause concern.

According to Darin Hlavaty, his iPhone 6 Plus exploded in his pocket recently during class at Rowan College at Burlington County. He told ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV his phone started smoking in his pocket and started a fire.

“I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg,” Hlavaty told WPVI-TV.

Rebecca Bookbinder, a student in Hlavaty’s class who sat nearby, said to WPVI-TV: “Out of nowhere, we heard a fizzing and a popping sound. Suddenly a great mass of smoke comes out from his pocket.”

“It was super hot so I flinched, grabbed it, threw it on the ground. Had to kick it because it was on fire,” Hlavaty told WPVI-TV.

When public safety arrived to the classroom, the fire had already been put out, a college spokesperson said according to WPVI-TV. Officials moved the students to a different classroom for the remainder of the period.

Hlavaty, who bought the iPhone six months ago, admitted his phone had a crack in it, but he said to WPVI-TV he didn’t think it would cause the phone to blow up. He also added that the phone battery was dead and not plugged in.

Apple said they could not comment at this time, according to WPVI-TV, but the company would investigate the report.

The news comes after Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over reports of explosions and fires from its batteries.

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