Fox Digital Entertainment/Starz/Lionsgate – 2016(SAN FRANCSISCO) — The already popular mobile game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff just got a dose of scary, thanks to popular horror characters that have been just added, appropriately, on Halloween. 

Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw-handed hero Ash Williams, from the Evil Dead movie series and Starz’ Ash vs. The Evil Dead has joined the fun, as has the creepy Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise, and the Leprechaun from the campy Leprechaun movie series that gave one Jennifer Aniston her first big starring role. 

The characters will reportedly inhabit a haunted hotel run by none other than James Woods, a recurring Family Guy guest star.

Naturally, Peter Griffin, Stewie, and the rest of the Quahog clan will also be on hand.

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