Earlier today, Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Francis Wolf attended the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s “Stand Against Hate.”

That gathering included inner faith leaders from throughout Pennsylvania where they would denounce recent anti-semitic acts and stand in solidarity with all faiths against the rash of hateful acts across the country and in Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania is a place that was founded centuries ago on the idea that all are welcome here, that¬†everybody can practice his or her own faith as they see fit. We still live by that grand faith, that grand idea, today,” said Wolf.

In the meantime, PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards announced that Governor Tom Wolf has plans to invest more than $2 billion in roadway maintenance and highway and bridge capital projects over the next ten years.

“This is allowing us to focus on two big areas for us. Number one, our interstate preservation program, some of our heaviest traveled roadways, but it’s also allowing us to concentrate on our lower volume roads. Many of our roads, over 16,000 miles of our roads, have less than 5,000 cars going on them every day,” said Richards.

Source: Local News