Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti has accepted an invitation to participate with the Appeals Subcommittee of the Pennsylvania state legislature’s Local Government Commission Assessment Reform Task Force.

The Commission, which is bipartisan and bicameral, decided to form the Task Force to address administrative, procedural and systemic issues with the Commonwealth’s property assessment system to make the system more efficient and fair.

Commission Executive Director Philip H Klotz stated that the Appeals Subcommittee’s purpose is to investigate the fairness and efficiency of the assessment appeals process, including measures to reduce appeals, consistency in procedures and the appointment, composition and qualifications of appeals boards.

Commissioner Tomassetti stated “I am very grateful that Blair County has a voice in the effort to improve Pennsylvania’s property assessment system and the assessment appeals process. County commissioners from across the state have long requested leadership and direction from Harrisburg. The formation of the Task Force is a necessary step in addressing this important issue for county taxpayers both in Blair County and across the state.”

In addition to Senator John Eichelberger, who chairs the subcommittee, other participants include two of Pennsylvania’s leading assessment law attorneys Bert Goodman and Joan Righter Price, as well as Doug Hill, Executive Director of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, and Indiana County Commissioner Rodney Ruddock.

Commissioner Tomassetti, whose participation was suggested by Senator Eichelberger, attended the subcommittee’s first meeting on Monday, February 13, 2017 at the Capitol in Harrisburg. The second meeting will be held later this month.

Source: Local News