iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — Congress is nearing a deal on a massive spending package to keep the government funded through September, according to congressional aides.

While lawmakers weren’t able to finish their work by last Friday and were forced to pass a one-week extension of funding, one congressional aide familiar with negotiations says it’s possible a deal is posted late Sunday night, before members return to Washington Monday evening.

A Senate Democratic leadership aide tells ABC News negotiators are “pretty close” with “only a couple of remaining issues.”

The $1 trillion-plus deal is expected to include border security funding, but will not allocate any funds to the construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Republicans and Democrats have also sparred over public health funding for Puerto Rico and benefits for coal miners.

With just five days until the temporary government funding measure expires and the House begins another recess, GOP leaders have a narrow window for action this week. To that end, Republican vote counters in the House have been in contact with members throughout the weekend regarding the party’s stalled health care plan.

Republicans are thought to be within striking distance of the votes needed to pass the measure, though at least 17 House Republicans have told ABC News they plan to oppose the proposal. The GOP can only afford to lose approximately 21 votes in the House and still pass the bill, assuming all Democrats are present for the vote.

While the situation remains fluid, the vote count is “trending in the right direction,” according to one GOP aide.

Even if Republicans do send the bill to the floor, it’s expected to be a close vote. Several centrist Republicans were still undecided on the bill on Friday — and may very well stay that way until it’s time to cast their votes.

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