At this week’s regular Commissioner’s business meeting, Hollidaysburg resident Carol Hammel presented one of her four stained-glass window replications for viewing and discussion. Each of her four window replications will be installed within the next week as needed replacements for missing second floor stained-glass windows on the left front tower of the County’s historic 1875 courthouse.

Upon viewing Mrs. Hammel’s work and comparing it to one of the original windows, Commissioner Erb  announced, “ What a remarkable replication of the original stained-glass. We are blessed to have such a talented local artist whose work will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.”

Commissioner Tomassetti recalled the comments of Blair County’s first presiding judge, the Honorable Jeremiah S. Black, who said at the 1875 dedication that our original courthouse was “the most perfect structure of its kind in this country – simple in the abundant wealth of its beauty”.  

Commissioner Tomassetti noted further that “in our efforts to restore this, the most important building in our county, we have focused our efforts, wherever possible, on taking advantage of the treasure of local talent that we have in Blair County.  Conservator John Rita, Architect David Albright and Project Manager Chris Cook of Alberts Michaels Conservation, Blair Countians all, have provided invaluable service in this monumental undertaking.

A picture of Mrs.  Hammel with Judge Kopriva at the presentation displaying her replicated stained glass window on the right and an original window on the left has been attached. Mrs. Hammel also replicated the leaded stain glass windows which have been installed in the front windows below the statue of Lady Justice.