According to reports, the Blair County Commissioners are planning to introduce a new county budget that would include a 25% hike in real estate taxes.

The commissioners settled on Monday for a millage increase of 0.79 mills, a move they say will help build reserve funds and increase revenue for the county. The current rate is currently 3.135 mills.

The budget proposal won’t be voted on until December, but if the increase is kept, it could be the single largest tax increase here in Blair County is ten years. For example, if a home in Blair County was assessed at $100,000, a 0.79 millage increase would jump an owner’s annual tax bill from $313.50 to $392.50!

The county commissioners are faulting prior commissioners for failing to make annual pension contributions and for failing to keep up with building maintenance and repairs, both of which are adding to the county’s expenses.

Source: Local News