(L-R) Harrison Ford, dir. Denis Villeneuve, Ryan Gosling(LOS ANGELES) — Warner Bros. has released the first of what will be three short films to introduce audiences to the world depicted in the long-awaited sequel, Blade Runner 2049.

The first film, Blade Runner 2036: Nexus Dawn, runs six minutes and was directed by Luke Scott, a friend of Blade Runner 2049 director, Denis Villeneuve.  It features Jared Leto’s character, a blind, bearded man name Niander Wallace, being questioned by investigators.  One of them is played by Doctor Strange scene-stealer Benedict Wong.

Wallace reveals that he’s invented a new form of android, despite a governmental prohibition that was enacted following the events in the original Blade Runner, which was set in 2019.

“The stars, our only hope, are hidden behind the lives you will not allow me to create,” Leto’s character complains.  He sees artificial life forms as the key to deep space exploration.

Without giving away anything, let’s just say that Wallace’s new androids are…violently loyal to him.

Blade Runner 2049 is out on Oct. 6.

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