Federal officials want to force lower speeds on truckers and bus drivers. A new proposal would cap speeds with a device on newly made U.S. vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds. But now, some truckers think forcing them to slow down is not the answer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to reduce deadly crashes on interstate highways, so they’re considering making manufacturers of trucks and buses install devices that would prevent the vehicles from exceeding speed limits. Transportation officials here in Pennsylvania, are now seeking comments on whether or not to force big rigs and other big trucks to travel at 60, 65, or 68 miles per hour. Some truckers say holding big rigs to just 60 mph could lead to dangerous driving conditions for smaller vehicles by holding up traffic and creating a mess on the highway… especially they say, in view of the many hills in Pennsylvania. They say 70 is a better average speed, as it allows trucks to gain enough momentum to make it up a steep hill.
The federal government plans to take public comment in the next 60 days to determine the final speed of big rigs. If passed, older vehicles would not be required to install the devices.

Source: Local News