66-year-old Jim Miller served his country with distinction in the United States Marine Corps and Navy for 9 years, then became a Merchant Mariner for 32 more, but a few years back, he couldn’t renew his seaman’s license due to problems with his hearing. In 2009 he said he was homeless. He said he kept hearing something that many veterans have heard before; that his military background didn’t qualify him for employment.

So, he traveled from campsites to state forests for years, saying you stay there for two weeks at a time and then move to another state forestry area. But last year, he came to Altoona, and found the Blair County Community Action Agency, which offers housing programs for veterans.

Case Manager with BCCA Kyle Easly is working with Miller to help him integrate back into the work-force.
Easly said they work on things like resume building, job searching, even character building exercises, helping the men and women who have defended this country to find their place in it’s workforce. The agency is funded by the Veteran’s Administration.

Source: Local News