Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced criminal charges Wednesday against a dozen people accused of taking part in a major organized crime ring that fraudulently obtained more than a thousand Pennsylvania license plates and used them to fuel a massive criminal enterprise involving automobiles in multiple states.

Since 2008, these defendants ran a sophisticated crime ring using “legitimate business methods for completely illegitimate purposes,” said Shapiro.

First, an organization submitted forged documents to PennDOT to obtain license plates. They then obtained more than a thousand license plates and rented those plates for $400 a month to people who wanted them specifically to evade law enforcement, avoid EZ-Pass charges, avoid PA Turnpike tolls, and even get away from parking tickets.

These fraudulent license plates were used to help criminals all over the country rack up over $1 million in parking tickets, tolls, and fines that were never paid, according to Shapiro.

Source: Local News